Text of Remarks
by Preston T. Phillips
The Architectural Digest Reception New York
May 12, 2005
Good evening and thank you all for joining us. I so appreciate Architectural Digest's invitation to share my work with you and to be a part of Architecture Days New York. My thanks to Eric Barsness and his staff at Architectural Digest for all their effort, and to David Yurman for graciously co-hosting this event. As most of you know the May Architecture issue features an unbuilt project of mine, a small 1600 sq. ft. beach house in East Hampton. The clients are here tonight; Ken Kuchin and Bruce Anderson. They are very much the catalyst for this evenings event as without their asking me to design a small jewel box of a beach cottage, this idea would never have taken form. There are also many former and current clients here tonight without whom the works you see around you would never have materialized. There is a wonderful line from Shakespear's A Mid Summer Night's Dream that sums
up my design process best, "As imagination bodies forth through forms of things unknown the poet's pen turns them into shapes and gives to airy nothing a local habitation and a name." It is always my goal to create something unique for my clients regardless of their design program, site or budget. But being asked is the first step. For without being asked, Architects largely do not design. Unlike painters, sculptors, composers, or writers, Architects usually wait until commissioned to begin the creative process, or as Shakespear so eloquently phrased it, "bodies forth through forms unknown." I am grateful to so many over my 27 year career for giving me the opportunity to go into this creative realm. Looking around the room I think it's obvious that we've all had a very good time and I look forward to the next 27 with equal vigor. Thanks again for joining us and please stay and visit.
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