The Butterfly House
The Butterfly House
East Hampton, New York

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The Butterfly House..... Not since Fallingwater and The Glass House has a private home so captured the imagination of the public and Architectural press. First previewed in 2001 for The New York Times by noted Modernist Historian Alastair Gordon, The Butterfly House remains the most photographed house of the Twenty First Century.

Built overlooking the dunes on five acres in East Hampton, New York for $150,000, this 1,000 square foot "Beach Camp" is dwarfed by it's Mc Mansion neighbors. Photographed extensively for print and television The Butterfly House is a juxtaposition of contrasts. It is at home whether in the bright sun light of day, the ethereal seaside mist of Long Island's East End or at night when it glows from inside like a modernist lantern hovering above the dunes.

Accessed by a long gently sloping ramp The Butterfly House is first experienced in concert with it's surroundings. It's crisp white profile against the blue of ocean and sky, it's cork floors which evoke the sand on which it is built, it's 180 degree vistas of dune, sea and sky have made it an icon of modernist design and restraint. From it's modest inception to it's current status as the most photographed house of the Twenty First Century, The Butterfly House has weathered the scrutiny of all who have experienced it. Whether as a lunch guest on it's expansive deck, through print or through the myriad of television documentaries dedicated to it, The Butterfly House stands as a beacon to both the past and the future.

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